When casinos were being developed for online purposes, they were meant for PCs. This meant that you had to be close to a computer so that you can play games. But with the latest developments in technology, that is not the case anymore. Casino software developers have come up with mobile versions of the online casinos for the gamblers. That factor that led to this consideration is that a mobile device is powerful and in most cases you have it on your pocket. So wherever you go, it is with you. To enable their players to be able to play at will, they had to look for a way that they could incorporate the casinos on mobile phones.

Mobile gambling has grown in popularity over the recent years. It is because of mobile gambling that you can play some of the popular mobile pokies games on your mobile device anytime you want, anywhere you go. If you are lucky, you can also win some great jackpots including the Mega jackpot which comes with a huge prize money amount.

While mobile casinos have been around for some time, they have not actually taken off till Smartphones captured the older styled handset market. It is the bigger screens, better graphics and faster networks of these phones which helped make playing on Smartphones a much better experience.

Presently, the number of mobile games is relatively lower than the number of games you can play on your desktop PC. However as new games are frequently released into the market, games like mobile pokies will definitely catch up with the desktop versions rather quickly.

Depends on the device used

Actually the range of games you can play on various phones is varied, and depends on the device you use. Of the lot, Apple IOS and android phones offer the largest selection of games while Blackberry and other handsets have a smaller selection of games to choose from.

It is true that it is fun playing free pokie apps on your Smartphone. However some people think that nothing can beat the excitement of playing pokies with real money, and actually winning real jackpots. You may think that there’s no point buying coins on free apps when you can’t actually win anything but virtual trophies while playing these games.

It is the ease of access to these games which has increased its popularity. You can easily access your favorite games from wherever you are, in whatever you are wearing. This means you need not travel to your casino to play your game, or change into a tuxedo to try your luck. You just need your mobile, and you can start playing mobile pokies from wherever you are.

Moreover, most of the mobile games and mobile pokies games can be played directly on your favorite web browser of your phone. There is no need of downloading anything to get started. Moreover, if you are already a member of a casino on your desktop computer, you can use these same details to login into your mobile casino to play pokies.

Gaming requirements

To play mobile pokies, you need a device to play your games in, which is normally a Smartphone like apple iPhone, Blackberry or any other phone available in the market. It is based on the mobile phone you use, and the operating system it runs on, you have various choices of mobile pokies games to choose from.

To play your mobile pokies game on your mobile phone, you obviously require a mobile web connection. There are various types for connections for you to choose from; just choose something which is staple enough wherein you know you don’t lose your connection in the midst of your game!

Means of killing extra time

Many people love playing mobile pokies, as it is a great means of occupying a few minutes of free time they have. You can play your game of mobile pokies while waiting for an email to arrive, or while you relax while awaiting your bus at the bus stand. Whatever the reason may be, you can kill whatever extra time you have with some games of pokies or slots.

However just be careful that you don’t get too much addicted to the game. Too much addiction to the game where you tend to spend money without realizing it may lead to your bank account quickly running dry!

So in a nutshell, as technology moves forward, games like mobile pokies and slots will grow more accessible to the common man. In fact, this is why mobile pokies today have grown as popular and common as online PC-based pokies. Pretty soon, you will find the number of people playing mobile pokies outnumbering all other types of slot players!

With this new opportunity to play from your mobile phone, there are a number of capabilities that will be at your disposal. Depending on the platform (Android, iOS, Research in Motion, Windows) that your device is based on, you will be required to make sure that you download the casino application that is can operate on it. You also need to be aware of the fact that even though we carry our phones around, in some places it is illegal to play casino games. You will also be required to make sure that you have an Internet connection so that you will be able to access the casino online.

Why do I have to verify my age in the casino?

For you to be allowed to join the online casinos, the law requires one to be of the legal age to gamble that is 18 years and above. If you are a minor, you will not be permitted to gamble online. From there, you will be asked to submit your ID so that they can ascertain your age. Then you will get unrestricted access to the online casinos. The age limits will also vary from casino to casino and for that make sure that you get in touch with the relevant legal officers for further clarification on the same.

Are there bonuses in the mobile casinos?

Yes, there are bonuses that you will be given when you join the mobile casinos. They similar to those in the computers. Some of the bonuses that you will get include the sign up bonus, deposit and the no deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, referral bonus and the high roller bonus. For the sign up bonus, it is only awarded to players after they complete the sign up process. This includes email verification otherwise, you will not be granted access.

The deposit bonus will be given when you make the deposit to your mobile casino finance lobby. There are bonuses that you will be required to make a minimum deposit while others there is no minimum limit.

For the loyalty bonus, it is given to players who have been members of the casino for a number of months. You have therefore to be qualified to earn it. It is good to know that you should play the bonus games as they will help improve your likelihood to win.