Date: 2017-01-27

The original online casinos were only able to played using the downloaded software. It had to be installed onto the player’s hard drive. All of the casino games were available directly on the computer while the casino accounts were kept on the casino servers. Players had to be connected to the Internet to use the games for real money games.

No Download Casinos

Casino software providers have since developed a way to allow players to gamble without downloading their software. The games began to be stored via the online casino’s server, allowing player’s to choose whatever game they wish to play on through their web browser. Known as either no download casinos or instant play casinos, these allow players to avoid downloading the software. It does require that you have Flash software incorporated into your computer, which many do. A no download casino needs a constant transfer of information from the computer to the server, so it can cause some problems in stability. Sometimes the game will lag, however providers integrated the ability to alter the game’s quality in the event of these issues. Flash-based casino games have fewer casino games than download casinos, though this is simply because download casinos are older.

Download casinos are only compatible with Windows, so anyone using Mac or Linux will have to use the instant play casino options. There aren’t currently any download casinos that are able to be used across these various platforms. In addition, download casinos take up a lot of storage space due to their wide number of games, and the space increases as more games are added to the software. If a player has an older model computer, they may run into problems while placing bets through the software. These problems can include an overloaded hard drive or slowed computer processing. Not only does this impact the casino, but anything else running on the computer.

No download casinos remove these problems as they don’t require the software or games be stored directly onto your hard drive. Instead, the flash-based casino games use temporary files through the Internet which can be wiped clean without impacting the player. Those who use no download oline casinos should have a high speed internet connection to keep the game from freezing while information is exchanged.