If you have any questions, issues and information that you wish to clarify, the following are a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding casinos. This page lists a few tips and guides made especially for beginners. Feel free to browse through the questions to give you an overview about the site, the game and the casino. FAQs are like the manuals for online casinos, they will help you go into the details of some of the basic topics.

What is the age limit in the online casino?

There is an age limit when it comes to gambling online. For you to be accepted to gamble online, you have to be an adult. The legal age that one has to be is 18 years. Any age below that, will result to serious legal actions. This age is not constant in all casinos and in all places and therefore make sure to get the correct information from credible sources like in the terms and conditions in the casinos. You will be asked to verify your age. This will require you to upload a scanned copy of your ID so that they can ascertain your age. From there you will be granted full access to the casino. If the casino has no age verification process, make sure to look for a disclaimer, as they have to indicate there.

Are the games in the online casinos fair?

Yes, the games in a certified online casino are fair. Before a casino is certified, they are first tested to ascertain whether the software being used can produce random outcomes from the games. Therefore check whether the casino that you are about to join has the eCOGRA symbol as it is the organization that is responsible for those tests. These random and unpredictability nature of the online casinos make them superior to land based casinos. Tricks and systems that are applicable to land based casinos like card counting in blackjack will not work in the online casinos. You can only make use of the basic strategy and to make sure that you always have a better chance to win.

How do I begin to play in the online casino?

First, you will need to make sure that is legal to play the casino games in your area. From there, make sure that you are of the right age to play the casino age. Look for a legal online casino from the reviews and then choose one that suits you best. Read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy to know what you are required to do and the accepted code of conduct as a member. Create an account and make sure to use the correct personal information. Claim your bonus with the correct bonus code and you can begin to play.

Do I have to download the casino software to play?

No, you do not have to download the casino software to your device so that you can play. There is a version of the online casinos that is called flash games. With this, you will be required to make sure that your browser has the necessary plug-ins like java so that you will be able to stream the games from it. This is beneficial especially if the computer is being used by many people. After using, make sure you log out your session to avoid anyone from snooping around. You are also advised to clear the browsing history and cookies from your browser too for safety purposes.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are rewards given to you by the casino as an appreciation. You will be given bonuses at different stages in your gambling career. When you join a casino for instance, you will be given the welcome bonus also referred to as the sign up bonus in some casinos. When you make a deposit in your casino account, you will receive the deposit bonus that ranges from 100-200% of the deposited money. You will however be required to meet the wagering requirements first before you are allowed to cash out your bonus.

What is the age requirement for online casinos?

18 or 21 years old above. The rules of the casino may vary depending on the law decreed in your state or country. Basic rule for gaming will always be no minors allowed.

How much money should I use to play?

This is a matter of personal preference. How much money you wish to play is at the player’s discretion. Choose wisely and decide on an amount that you can afford to lose. Going for $10 to $20 will give you a good start. Start with small amounts then decide how far you’re willing to go from there.

What is the lowest percentage for payouts available on a slot machine?

In Canada, the lowest possible payout percentage around 87%. On an average, it comes in at over 90% while online casinos have an average payout of 97%.

Are there tricks to help me win at slots?

None. In slots, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to increase the chances of winning. This is a game of luck and can be played using your luck.

Will the odds change depending on the amount I bet?

No. Chances for winning are never based on the amount that you bet. If, however you play for a fewer lines, you’ll miss out a few opportunities to win.

Which one’s better: Pubs, clubs or casinos?

In general, the best place to play is at a casino. This is because they offer memberships for their regular customers and privileges for VIP members.

How do I deposit real money into an online casino?

The process is usually direct to the point. Upon registration, the page will lead you to a banking section where you’ll provide your banking information. Fill out the details then click submit. Some of the popular options are credit cards, debit accounts, prepaid cards, money transfers and bank wires.

What are the lowest stakes that can be played online?

The lowest stake that you can play for table games is $1. For machine games, the lowest stake would only cost 1 penny. Compared to the actual casinos that require a $5 minimum, nothing beats online casinos.

Can I play games without spending any money?

Yes. Almost all casinos offer games that you can play for free. Consider it a trial game so you’d be able to get to feel how the games are played and how much fun you can actually have with it. Be careful of sites and games that claim you’ve won money even if you did not invest on one, they are almost always a hoax. Keep in mind that you’ll only win money, if you invest your money first.

How long will it take for me to claim my winnings from the casino?

Depending on the banking method used, processing can take from a couple of hours to as long as 1-4 weeks. Online transactions such as money transfers and e-wallets only take as much as 1-7 days to process. Checks, on the other hand take as much as a month to process.

Will the casino ask you for an ID?

Eventually, they will. Though it may not be required when you sign up or when start playing, but they will require you especially once you make your first withdrawal.

Why is there a $10,000 limit to winnings at some places?

The limit has been set to help serve both the gaming venues and its players. Setting a limit for the possible winnings prevents people from losing more than what they can afford. It also serves as prevention for casinos in terms of having big losses.

Do slots have a hot or cold cycle?

No. Chances for winning in slots will all be the same. It will not depend on the time you press the button.

Can the symbols in the slots determine a good spin?

No. The symbols on a machine will not predict what the machine will choose next. The combinations reflected on the screen simply display its last spin.

Have you found the right answers to your questions?

If not, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you in every way possible.

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