In the online casino industry, there are gamblers who prefer to play the real money games. In these games, you will have to deposit actual money to your casino account so as to be able to gamble. Any win can be withdrawn or can be returned to the table for further gambling. For transaction purposes, they had to conform to ways that were available so that players can be able to deposit money to their accounts and withdraw whatever they have won from the games.

Some of the common methods of transactions that are used in most online casinos include the: Credit Cards, Skrill, PayPal, NETeller, American Express, and Western Union among others. Most people opt to use the credit cards. However, most of the banks today are declining to process payments from the online casinos making players go for options like virtual wallets. However the owners of such are denying transactions from taking place in online casinos. Some that are still functional include the likes of Skrill, NETeller and Click 2 Pay. You should however note that you will be charged transaction fees. It is usually a percentage of the amount that you want to withdraw. To avoid incurring high costs, make sure that you choose a method of transaction that you can afford or reduce the number of transactions.

However, playing real money games means that you must select an online method of payment. The money will be there whenever needed to play online or via a mobile phone. It’s a secure way to deposit and withdraw money to the player’s online casino account. But how do you know where to find these payment options? The following are the most popular and secure Canadan casino banking options available:

Credit Cards - see casinos

You can choose major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa to play at top Canadan casinos. It is just a matter of giving the casino enough personal and card information to determine that the card is valid. It is a fast option that will have you quickly playing games in a secure environment. There is no need for funds to clear or be approved. Although the credit card option is a fast and easy one, some online casinos will not let players use them to withdraw their winnings. So, be certain that your chosen online casino accepts credit cards for both deposits and withdrawals.

NETELLER - see casinos

NETELLER is a eWallet service that is approved by many top Canadan online casinos.You must register for an account with NETELLER and put money into the account via credit card, bank transfers or other eWallet services. A lot of online casinos give bonuses to players who choose NETELLER as a payment option.

Canadan players like to use NETELLER to withdraw their casino winnings. Make a casino withdrawal and the money goes back into your NETELLER account. Then it can be withdrawn via an ATM prepaid or banking card. Please note that the services provided by NETELLER are no charge, but this payment option may not be completely free depending on how you chose to make account deposits.


PaySafeCard is a prepaid card. It is located in Vienna, Austria. This payment method is available to gamblers all over the world, and this includes Canadans. The company allows you to purchase a card without giving out personal information. The company ensures that your gambling experience will be entirely anonymous.

This is why it this service is gaining in popularity. Not only do gamblers around the world like prepaid options because they provide anonymity, but they also reduce the risk of identity theft. There is no need for the player to put personal information online.

Skrill - see casinos

Open an online account with Skrill and select a way to transfer funds into your online casino account. This could be done by using credit cards, bank transfers or some other eWallet service. Some online casinos will give players bonuses if they choose this method of payment. Although it is no charge to use Skrill’s services, you must always check to see if other companies charge fees for depositing or withdrawing money.

UKash - see casinos

UKash is a prepaid card, which is a good option for anyone who does not have a bank account or a credit card. Deposit money into a casino account with UKash, but you cannot use it to withdraw your casino earnings. With this method you purchase the card at a local retail store for a specific amount of money. Once the purchase is made, you will have a personal identification number that is used to access the casino website and deposit money.

UKash is hailed as a good option for anyone who finds it hard to stop gambling during a session. It is a prepaid card, which means that you cannot keep adding money to your online account without going back to the retailer to get a totally new prepaid card with a totally new personal identification number. It is a good way to curtail impulsive spending. It is also hailed as one of the best ways to gamble anonymously in Canada.

Identifying Fast Cash-out Online Casinos

The means and time taken to make deposits and withdraw in an online casino determine whether they rank top or bottom in the online casinos reviews. The best online casinos have the following attributes when it comes to banking:

They will offer fast, reliable and easy to use means of transacting.

Have security programs that can encrypt data therefore making the transactions secure and also prevent unwanted access to your personal information.

Fast, reliable and knowledgeable customer service attendants who are ready to attend to your needs as a player.

You will be required to verify your information as a player so as to be granted access to withdraw money from your account. This includes submission of identity cards and other security questions. Without these, you will not be able to transact in any way and therefore you need to make sure that you can recall all your personal information that you provided while creating your account. Most casinos these days have been able to reduce the cash-out time making it possible for players to withdraw their wins without delay.

Can I redeem my bonus right away?

No, you will not be allowed to cash out the bonus right away. You will be required to first meet the wagering requirements so as to be able to withdraw the bonus money. These wagering requirements will require you to spend more money till you hit the target as per the bonus given. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements for further clarification.

What are the withdraw options available?

There are many ways through which you will be able to withdraw money from your account in an online casino. The most common methods include: MasterCard, PayPal, NETeller, Skrill and Wire Transfer. With all this methods, there is a minimum transaction limit and charges too. Make sure you choose means that you are comfortable with.

Is banking at online casinos secure?

Yes, the online casino banking means are very secure. If you are worried that someone might hack into your account then this is not the case in casinos online. They have installed heavy security protocols and data encryption software with the ability to encrypt data up to 256bit Secure Socket Layer SSL and it a system advanced than that used in banking systems. This means that they are well secured and therefore do not worry about security of your money.

You also play a big role when it comes to online casino welfare and security. You are required to make sure that you exercise caution at all times. Do not visit risky sites that are prone to attacks while your casino session is active. Your Internet browser might be the gateway through which hackers will find their route to the casino. Therefore, make sure you read the precaution advices to prevent the occurrence of such.

Why do I require proving my identity?

Anonymity is one of the privileges that online casino players get to enjoy. This means that anyone can personate anyone. But the deal here is that when you were creating your account before you provided a nickname that will appear as your screen name you were asked your real names. This is the only way that the casino can prove that it is indeed you. When withdrawing money from your account, you will first have to be asked questions that you created for security purposes. When you successfully and sufficiently prove that you are indeed the owner of the account then you will be granted complete access. Always make sure that you submit to the correct personal information to prevent from forgetting.

Can I add more than one transaction method?

Yes, you can add as many as you prefer but in most cases, one is always enough. Make sure that your primary or main method is one that you can rely on and is affordable too.

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