Ukash is usually referred to as a prepaid voucher, and is a unique online casino payment option where you can deposit and withdraw funds in cash. There is thus no proof of your having made any wagers outside the Canadian online casino like credit card or bank account statements.

This is why Ukash is best for those Canadian players who don’t want to reveal their bank account or credit card details online. However there is a disadvantage, which is that the cash transactions cannot be thoroughly completed online.

You need to head to an Ukash retail outlet to buy and cash the vouchers. You can also buy Ukash products online if there is no compulsion for carrying out any cash transactions. As Ukash is active in Australia, it provides a simple way for Canadian online casino players to locate Ukash outlets near them.

You just have to enter your city and pin code in the provided field in Ukash website. You are then provided with a list of outlets with its location on the map. This done, you can carry out deposit and withdrawal transactions at any authorized outlet.

Making deposits through Ukash

Your deposit procedure starts by buying the Ukash prepaid voucher from your nearest retail outlet. Then you need to log onto your Canadian online casino, choose a cashier from the menu and then select ‘Deposit’ tab while clicking on the Ukash icon.

You then input the amount you want to deposit to the ‘Voucher Amount’ field found on the resulting screen. Enter the voucher number in the ‘Voucher Number’ field and then click ‘Deposit’ for an instant transfer of funds to your casino account. Make sure you check the minimum and maximum deposit limits at your online casino’s banking page.

Making withdrawals through Ukash

You need to log onto your Canadian online casino to withdraw funds using Ukash. On selecting the cashier, select the ‘Withdrawal’ tab and click on Ukash icon. Click ‘Withdraw’ after inputting the amount you wish to withdraw.

You this receive an email confirming your withdrawal. Note down the Ukash voucher code found on the ‘Transactions’ lab and then log into the Ukash website and provide your Ukash code.

On confirming the charge, a new Ukash Barcode appears on the screen which you need to print out and carry to your nearest Ukash approved terminal to collect your cash. You can find out about the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits on your online casino’s banking page.

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