Date: 2017-01-29

In Canada gambling dates back to early ages when John Cabot found that natives were playing games that were based on chance. This means that they are the cradle of all gambling games that exist in the world today. With lack of modern tools to gamble and no casinos, the natives were found to be using sticks and stones. When technology age ushered in they were able to embrace it and came up with land-based casinos in the area. They therefore were able to gamble comfortably.

Gambling in Canada

Eight years before 1900, gambling and all sorts of games that involve betting were banned. However, there are people who were still gambling as it was difficult to monitor the entire country and to others it was a cultural activity and they had to do it. Towards the beginning of 1900, gambling was legalized but not all forms. The bingo-style games and raffles were permitted and no player would be persecuted by the law when caught playing unless it was another game. There was a price however for gambling in those days. It was legal only if it was for charitable basis and that led to horse racing afterwards. Horse racing was also legalized as a form of gambling too.

It was not until 1969 that the government realized that they can benefit a lot from lotteries. The law was drafted and allowed provincial and federal governments to run lotteries as a means through which they raised funds for local and national projects. In 1974 for instance, the government used lottery so as to raise money to fund the Montréal Olympics.

Land based casinos in Canada

After legalization of casinos in Canada, local governments saw the need to start local gambling operations like horseraces, slot machines and even casinos. Currently, these casinos have developed to standards that cannot be compared with any other place in the world.

Owners have been to known to spend large sums of money so as to revive their casinos. High class casinos have been developed with even some making Las Vegas casino look like warehouses in Canada. People in Canada do not have to leave their country so as to gamble. All casinos can cater for them.

Canadian based online casinos

After development of Internet, the owners saw the need to access the larger market of gambling by creating online casinos. To date, the best online casinos in the world today are Canada based. Players now have the chance to enjoy gambling even without having to leave their premises. They were also given the chance to customize the casino interface to their liking and many more benefits that they enjoy today.

However, players need to take caution as not all casinos in Canada are legal. There are some that are operating without permit. When you join such casinos, you will not get honest games and also there is likelihood that you might be robbed off your wins. Always check the casino whether it is certified or not before you gamble.